You can learn Kintsugi with Kat

 The art-form that will not only transform your broken things, but transform your life.

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 Discover Kintsugi, an ancient Japanese artform that can not only bring your precious broken ceramics back to life but can also be deeply therapeutic, changing your life and the way you see yourself and the world.

Kat McDowell teaches a modern approach to Kintsugi using a new Urushi (lacquer) made of cashew that is much safer and faster drying than traditional Kintsugi.

Her 3 hour in person and virtual Kintsugi workshops will walk you through step by step taking your broken piece of pottery and transforming it in to a new unique piece of art that tells YOUR story.

Spaces are limited and it will be best to sign up at least 3 weeks in advance for people outside of the United States to ship you the kit in time.

For any questions please feel free to reach out to me using the contact form below.  I also address Frequently asked questions in the blog below so you can scroll down to read there!


Is this Kintsugi technique food safe?

Even though super glue (which is not safe) is used to adhere the pieces initially.  The lacquer, the bronze powder and Epoxy putty that seals over the super glue is non toxic. I personally feel safe enough use all of my cups and plates that I mend using this method.


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